Romping, tumble, toddler and youth judo.
For girls and boys.

Judo is an especially beneficial sport for children, because in addition to the (often) badly needed physical activity, spiritual education stands at the fore.
The child can safely let go of their aggression. Children practising judo gain more self-confidence and drive, and are more relaxed with other children. Many parents were advised by doctors to send their children to judo.
Children learn the holds and throws in a playful, pleasant environment.
Breakfalls are also intensively practised. The children are divided into classes according to age and ability.
At Aad van Polanen Sport School (in contrast to other sport schools), parents may ALWAYS be present during our classes.

Judo for adults
Whether you are looking for an outstanding recreational or competitive sport, judo is an excellent choice.
Not in the least part for its self-defence benefits, but more than anything to be able to practice sport in a healthy way.
Judo is a sport that continually fascinates its students due to the considerable number of technical exercises.